We pride ourselves on taking a practical, collaborative approach to problem-solving on each of our projects, beginning in the initial stages of design and evaluation. We believe in working together with all parties to develop smart, responsible solutions to challenging details and as-built conditions, and in getting our hands dirty to gain a more complete understanding of an issue. Our genuine concern for and dedication to the success of each project sets us apart from our competition.



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Jeff Acton has over fourteen years of experience in the engineering and construction industries. His specialties include new construction peer review, detail development, litigation consulting, and large-scale assessment and repair design. Jeff enjoys designing constructible, water- and air-tight solutions for complex architectural details, configurations, and interfaces. A significant part of his work involves assessment and testing of building enclosure-related issues, such as air and water leakage, cladding distress, and material failures.

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Erika Bonfanti has over six years of experience in building enclosure design and construction, including condition assessments, leakage investigations, and evaluation and analysis of distress, including air leakage, masonry displacement, stucco cracking, and glass breakage. These evaluations have led to subsequent repair and retrofit design of cladding and structural components. Because of this work, she excels in peer review and consulting on new designs, from the schematic phase through completion of construction. She also has a wealth of building science knowledge and has performed hygrothermal modeling of exterior enclosure systems.